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Join us for a slogan-worthy season of truly inspiring events within the Only Party That Matters.


December 18, 2015 – January 8, 2016

Stop by Campaign Headquarters (the AAF-KC office) on either of the deadline dates, or make an appointment before the Final Deadline to submit your entries and pick up some party swag. If you miss the deadline, you’re out of the race!


February 20, 2016

Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and the friendly cash bar while viewing the Gallery of award-winning work at The Midland the night of the show, and keep your eyes peeled for a few surprises. Snag your seat early — it’s general admission.


February 20, 2016… a little later

Then join us for the after-party at Liquid 9, where admission and drinks are free —and the dance floor is open (as your camera app should be).



What is the AAA show?

The world’s largest advertising competition, recognizing the size of an idea (entries are welcome from entrants at all levels) rather than the organization or budget behind it. The AAA Show truly awards the best of the best, as it’s the only advertising competition that includes three levels of judging — local, district and national. The Kansas City chapter of the American Advertising Federation is no stranger to the national ADDY. Just last year the following winners took home ADDYs at the national level: Bazillion Pictures, BicMedia, Design Ranch, Hallmark, Ocean & Sea, VML and Whiskey Design.

How is this year different from any other year?

Unlike previous AAA shows, this year you have the chance to impact our community for years to come. By showing your support (buying swag) you’ll support Happy Birthday, Inc., which provides birthday parties for children in foster care, who may otherwise never receive one. Show your support now

What is Happy Birthday, Inc.? Why are we supporting them?

The AAF-KC’s Ad2 club selects a philanthropic organization each year as their Virtual Agency. Ad2 members unite to form a mini agency, donating their time and talents to help the organization with whatever advertising need they have. This year, the organization chosen is Happy Birthday, Inc., a local non-profit that provides birthday parties for children in group foster homes.

The AAA Committee is proud to join their efforts this year, as right now they are only partnered with one local group home and each party (to include presents, a cake, a game truck and more) costs roughly $300-400. We believe every child deserves to be celebrated, and ultimately, raising awareness leads to increasing the number of foster families so these kids can find homes.

Do I have to be a member to enter/attend the show?

No. You will pay more, however — so why not join our party as a registered member? Stand up and show the world that you care about making advertising great again.

How do I enter the show?

Review the official rules and category information here. There are numerous categories you can enter fully online —but many you cannot, so make sure you mark the deadline dates on your calendar, and get to Campaign Headquarters to complete your entry by January 8, 2016 (if you’re a student, you have until January 20, 2016).

NOTE: Attending one of our workshops, held every Tuesday at 12 and 4 at Campaign Headquarters, ensures you get answers to ALL your questions! Register Now.

Think you know it all? Then go ahead and enter.

The rules mention Uline envelopes for my entries. Do I have to use them?

No, but they are provided free of charge at Campaign Headquarters, and you have to use some kind of clear envelope — so why not ours? Call ahead to schedule pickup of the quantity you need, and we’ll have them ready for you when you arrive!

What do I do if I am unsure of the category to enter my work in?

The worst thing you can do is nothing. If you arrive with incomplete or incorrect entries on a deadline day, you will be charged a $25 resubmission fee. The solution is easy. Contact Sarah Dyerson at 816.822.0300 or and ASK! There is no penalty or judgment for seeking help — and if you still get it wrong, we’ll waive the fee.

How can I get more involved?

You are just the kind of Admerican we’ve been looking for — willing to step up and lend a hand when your community needs you most. We need volunteers to help with the Gallery, show production, transportation of delegates and more. The person you impress next could ask for your resume, so email Sarah at to get started.


Will there be any celebrities attending the awards?

We cannot confirm at this time, but the Fur Hat Lady from the World Series is currently in negotiations with our Creative team.

What do I wear?

It’s the biggest night in Kansas City advertising, for crying out loud. Don’t be afraid to dress up — or show your true colors!

Is there a hashtag?

We encourage a show of support for #aafkc with this year’s election theme.

Are there assigned seats?

Sponsors and organizations who order a large number of tickets have the option of receiving preferred seating at the show. Those areas will be designated the night of the show. Contact Sarah at 816.822.0300 or for more information. Otherwise, come early and pick your spot.  That way, you can see all the award-winning work and grab refreshments before the show starts!

Is it too late to enter the show? When is it? Where is it? How much is it?

Pricing, deadline and other basic questions are covered in your Call for Entries, our home page and also in the weekly workshops we hold for people who need more information.

I paid for a ticket and now cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances. Can I get a refund?

AAF-KC accepts cancellations and refund requests up to 72 hours prior to the show. Afterwards, no refunds or cancellations will be accepted. Contact Sarah at 816.822.0300 or for more information.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

This party will never leave you all alone, searching for answers. Contact our director, Sarah Dyerson, at or 816.822.0300, and she will answer your question — or connect you to your local representative, depending on your question.

Advertising can be such a cynical business. Got any advice?

Be the change you want to see. Shop now for some cool 2016 AAA Show swag, knowing that 100% of the proceeds went to support Happy Birthday, Inc. Then check out the great work your colleagues are doing for non-profits across the country at this year’s show!